SANANDA ESU IMMANUEL (aka 'Jesus' from the bible)

Collected messages from numerous sources, of our returned Master Teacher.

Modern Channeled “Jesus Christ” Video Authentic… Says Reincarnated Apostle, Andrew

Modern Channeled “Jesus Christ” Video Authentic… Says Reincarnated Apostle, Andrew

1.  It is written even in the bible, regarding channeling… 

1 Corinthians 14:21

It is written in the Law: “By strange tongues and foreign lips I will speak to this people, but even then they will not listen to Me, says the Lord.”

2.  This is a video of “Jesus” channeled by Jim Charles, who has returned as Yeshua, and Sananda, and other  names.

3.  I am an incarnation of Andrew, one of the apostles (there are more than one)… and I confirm that this is the energy of Yeshua… aka… Jesus…aka, Sananda.

4.  Confirming truths always brings up the issue… that your heart will need to be OPEN not CLOSED, in order to SEE AS CREATOR SEES.

5.  Andrew was one of the first to ‘recognize’ Jesus…  it’s happening once again, just like that. 🙂

6.  Jim Charles is a fantastic channeler, who has channeled hundreds of beings… bringing forth the greatest of knowledge… it’s not fake folks… no one can prove this one way or the other to you, your heart must open or continue ignorance, will prevail.

7.  Listen to song by Indian in the machine (Andrew), and Sananda: To My Spirit Almighty 04:11

There is only joy in passing the light on to others. – Yeshua

8.  Yeshua mentioned there may be other videos coming forth… let’s put in a special request… “Yeshua, thanks for this video… please feel free to bring forth more teachings in this manner, so that humanity can become more familar with your energy… so be it!”

9.  News source featuring Sananda:

Indian in the machine


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